IN THE EARLY 1940s...

I.V. Portelli & Sons Ltd...

Paolo Portelli began importing agricultural products from European countries such as France, Italy and Austria. This led to the establishment of a small agricultural business, which thanks to its success began to grow as the

years went by. In the 1970s the company was inherited by Paolo’s nephew, Innocenzo Portelli. Together with his four sons Mario, Joseph, Thomas and Patrick, Innocenzo laid the foundation for what today is a 31 year-old family

run business, that goes by the name of I.V Portelli & Sons Ltd (est.1985).

Soon became known for top quality brands in the agricultural, irrigation, weighing and enological sectors. The company proceeded to import goods from Europe, USA and Japan in order to meet the needs of the local market. With the ever increasing emphasis on gardening and landscaping, the company introduced several products such as grass trimmers, hedge cutters,

chainsaws and several other garden and irrigation products from world renowned quality brands. The latest addition to the company’s product portfolio is an extensive range of optimal construction machinery from Husqvarna.



Our policy is to be recognised by our customers for our quality products and excellent standard of service.


Our retail grounds at St. Paul's Street, Rabat underwent a complete refurbishment in 2013, leading to the manifestation of a longstanding dream - that of having a retail outlet showcasing our products and portraying the company’s modern image.


The overall success of I.V. Portelli & Sons hasn’t simply come from the top quality brands it represents, but also thanks to the high level of after-sales service that has always been the company’s first and foremost priority.


Our clients include homeowners, installers, contractors, full-time and part-time farmers as well as casual and dedicated gardeners. We generally provide products to suit everyone's needs – from electric water pumps, chainsaws and grass-cutters to construction machinery and irrigation equipment.


Despite the company’s steady growth and expansion into new industries, I.V. Portelli and Sons still retains the same core values at heart.

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